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It has been believed from earlier times that music is the best technique for relieving stress. With the pace of time, it has even been used as a profession by many people in the form of Music Therapy Training. People suffering from mental or physical disorders can learn music therapy training in India and the best music therapy course to get out of it. In today’s stressful life there are many people who are living a depressed life, these people can surely attain ample peace by the treatment of music therapy. The whole therapy contains various steps. The music therapists at the very first step try to find out the actual needs of the person and work accordingly. The complete music therapy procedure includes designing, choosing the right music, and listening to music. These practices are considered to be the best way of recovery from mental and physical disorders. 


The best and the most exhaustive online music therapy training course is provided by Santosh Ghatpande (Music Therapist Pune). His main objective is to provide the kind of coaching sessions which can help the students to understand techniques to learn Music Therapy in India and understand stepwise processes. Major highlights of the Online Music Therapy Course are:

  • Understand and explore the scientific basis of Music Therapy

  • Hands-on exploration of various Music Therapy techniques

  • How to identify Music Therapy needs around

  • The thought process behind designing the right music for the cause

  • Stepwise process in approaching a case

  • Discussions about minimum 5 actual case studies

  • Practicals and assignments based course

  • Unlimited exploration of healing powers of music!


So, if you love music and want to pursue Music Therapy, this Online course is just the right first step towards your journey as a Music Therapist...

Online Music Therapy Course

"Online Music Therapy Training and Course" 


Music Therapy Training 
Online Music Therapy Course

"Music Therapy Training", "Music Therapy Course"

Learn Music Therapy in India