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My Story

My parents introduced me to the magical world of music at a very early age of 6 and since then, music has been an integral part of my journey. It helped me excel in academics (CS, LLB) and in my 17+ years of professional experience in IT.

Music is my passion, along with musical performances, I was always curious to know various other aspects of music beyond “entertainment”. During this exploration, I discovered the field of Music Therapy firstly in non-Indian cultures and wanted to pursue further, based on Indian Classical music which I have been studying for many years. Music Therapy”,  “Music Therapist Pune”, “Music Therapy in depression”,  “Music Therapy Training and Course”, "Counsellor in Pune".


While pursuing Certification in Music Therapy (Music combined with studies of psychology and medicine), I completed 100+ case studies using the therapeutic power of music. This enriching experience forced me to enhance my capabilities further and so I completed NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Certifications. 

Since 2012, I’ve achieved successful transformations in 1500+ Counselling assignments (Personal/Corporates) including executive Coaching (Best Music Therapy Training and Music Therapy Course), using Music as a medium to bring about positive changes.


I would love to expand the magical benefits of music therapy to a greater section of society and with this thought have co-founded “Music Café” (first of its kind Cafe with Musical menu) at Pune.

Santosh Ghatpande

Santosh Ghatpande

To propagate Music Therapy as a medical intervention in hospitals, hospices, and various other areas, where music could be profitably used for the benefit of mankind. To make a professional forum for the working Music Therapist Pune of India so that they can meet at regular intervals to exchange their professional skills and understanding of this nascent subject.


We wish to install Music Therapy as a dependable medical intervention in many hospitals in the country and also introduce the subject of Music in schools and colleges. The idea is that, not just the people who can afford to have Music Therapist Pune, but also those who can take the therapeutic impact of music with the help of volunteers and other professionals.