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Music is considered the stress-relieving technique from ancient times. Nowadays, it has been transformed into the profession of many people by means of Music therapy. Music therapy can be used to get out of numerous mental or physical disorders. People who are suffering from various stressful conditions can easily gain peace through this therapy. In music therapy, the therapists at first find out the need of the person & then work accordingly. Treatment of music therapy includes singing, creating, or listening to music.


There are many institutes that provide training for music therapy. People who learn this therapy help other people in getting their mental & physical ailments solved. One of the best training institutes in Pune is provided by Santosh Ghatpande (Music Therapist Pune). His aim is to provide the coaching sessions in such a way that it helps to lighten up the health & well-being of the person. Other than stress areas, there are many other areas also which get solved by music therapy like.

  • Management of anger

  • Relationship between Parent-Child

  • Psychology of teenager

  • Well being of the mindset

  • Focus on career

  • Improving creativity skills 


Music therapy training is basically given to individuals or is given in groups. The choice of music can be of anyone either of the therapist or of the particular person. By getting treated with the music, a person can surely see himself/herself as the transformed one & happy one. Music therapy fills the person with numerous optimistic feelings & hence it strengthens the person from inside.