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Music Therapy in India

Depression is a state of mind where a person develops pessimistic views and negative thoughts in mind and remains in a bad mood throughout the day.

It is a common problem Affecting people at large and is one of the biggest reasons for suicidal happenings.

Music therapy is arising as an effective means to treat depression. It stimulates the brain waves; hence, creating alternations in bodily functions that are controlled by the nervous system such as heart rate and breathing, necessary to cure depression. 

Methods Used in Music Therapy:

The intervention methods used in Music Therapy can be roughly classified into active and receptive techniques. When a person is creating music, whether it's by singing, chanting, playing musical instruments, composing, or improvising music, that person is using active techniques. Receptive techniques, on the other hand, require listening to and responding to music, such as through dance or the analysis of lyrics. Active and receptive techniques are often integrated during treatment, and both are used as starting points for the discussion of feelings, values, and goals.

Music therapy can be organized with individuals or in groups, and the music may be chosen by the therapist or by the person in therapy. A Music Therapist Pune will mainly ensure the type and model of the chosen form of music, as well as the timing of the music intervention, are appropriate for meeting the needs and objectives of the individual in therapy.

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Music Therapy
Indian Music Therapy
Music Therapy in India

Music Therapy
Indian Music Therapy
Music Therapy in India

Indian Music Therapy

The Best Music Therapy in India

When we become exposed to any disease, we visit doctors, take medicines, and get well. But when we suffer from the internal trauma which includes mental stress, frustration, anxiety, and much more negativity, then there are no such medicines that can heal it up to the core. Therefore, to diminish these thoughts so as to make the person trauma-free, we have come up with alternative medicine in Pune as the best solution for this. 

This alternative medicine is our Music Therapy that helps the person to feel relaxed from inside. As today the life of people has been crushed between the busy schedule of daily life, therefore it creates negative thoughts in the mind of a person. So, we provide the best solution for this problem by our best music therapy in depression in Pune and are considered to be the foremost “Indian Music Therapy” experts.

Are you looking forward to the better Music Therapy and Alternative Medicine that is needed after everyday stress? Music Therapy is in itself a facts-based therapy? Santosh Ghatpande is working as a Music Therapy Alternative Medicine and it is the best way to release stress and relax the mind or body.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy




A prominent field called "Neuro-musicology" has significantly advanced in the last decade to emphasize the connection of Music on the brain. When infants listen to music, especially classical music they make strong music-related connections in the brain.

Music is heard by people every day in many parts of the world, and affects people in various ways from emotion regulation to cognitive development, along with providing a means for self-expression. The field of Psychology of Music, which can be considered as a branch of both Psychology and Musicology.

Indian music is very eccentric, because of thousands of Raga, tunes, to its credit. These tunes are based upon permutations and combinations of Saptha swaras or 7 notes, which derive their base on Navarasas or nine human emotions.

My Aim

Music Therapy in India

My plan is to positively influence the areas of health and well-being from beginning to end Music Therapy Courses and The Training of Music Therapy Sessions, using music as a standard. Integration to most familiar health issues like Stress Management, Diabetes, Sleep disorders, Blood Pressure issues, there are other specific improvement/focus areas-

  • Specialized expertise Areas:

  • Anger Management

  • Parent-Child Relationship

  • Teenage Psychology

  • Wellness & Fitness Mindset

  • Academic / Career Focus

  • Ignite / nurture creativity

    ...and many more.
Everybody has a unique situation to be dealt with and these personalized coaching sessions using music can help discover unique solutions customized towards personal happiness!!!

Music Therapy

What To Expect in your interaction

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Perhaps you're down or worried - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs are, I am here to support you. Therapy (Music Therapy Pune) is a method of growth and self-discovery, and in my sessions, I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and reactions. I possess the tools and professional experience to help you get back on track.

Why Music Therapy is an Alternative Medicine?

Music Therapy in India

"Music Therapy is the analytic and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy initiative (Music Therapy Pune)." 


Music therapy has been evinced to aid in the development of language, communication, behavioral, social and cognitive skills. Our proficient Music Therapist Pune can reveal the new height of confidence in those marginalized by poverty, and those with complex disabilities, mental health issues or facing terminal illness.


The best music therapy in depression is considered to be the best treatment to cure sad and pensive feelings leading to depression.

Music Therapy with regular treatment is more effective than treatment as usual alone.


We aid children or adults with a range of developmental and emotional needs such as communication difficulties, autism, Down syndrome, global developmental delay, mental health problems, rare chromosome disorders, behavioral difficulties, neurological conditions, stroke victims, chronic illness, adults with stress-induced problems and depression.

Our Services

Music Therapy in India
Indian Music Therapy

Counseling with Personalized Music Design

Music Therapy in India

Music Therapy Awareness Session

"Music Therapy in India"

Coaching Centre to tune yourself

Music Therapy Training

Music Therapy Training

In this 1 hour interaction, we’ll work to recognize solutions to current problems and identify improvement areas.

A 60 mins Music Therapy Awareness Session would aid to get insights into the benefits of Music Therapy along with demo and techniques.

If you’re searching for quality Coaching sessions with a certified Music Therapist Pune that cares, then you’ve come to the right place.

I conduct specialized Training Batches for Music Therapy which covers the basic principles, techniques, and concepts of Music.


Indian Music Therapy

Sr Trainer SLK Global

Mr. Navin Kapoor

Mr. Mohit

Your input associated with 3 ego states from the transactional analysis (TA) and the musical work was very useful. It gave a lot of insight into the issues I am facing personally and professionally, it completely makes sense. 

You have a significant way of getting people out of their comfort zones and opening their minds to something new. We had a blast!

I attended the Music therapy Workshop. I am taking this chance to Congratulate you on the conceptualization of this wonderful workshop.

Music Therapy in India

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Music Therapy
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